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Jenny W. Chan-Child Voice Over-Kid Voice Over-Singer

About Jenny

JENNY W. CHAN is a New York City based voice actor specializing in children's music, animation, kids audio books, children's podcasts, K-12 narration, talking toys and games. Her baby, child, and teen voices have been heard and loved by millions of children across the globe. She is most known for her work with Moonbug's preschool series Little Angel, where she voices Sister Jill, Ms. Hannah, and former Baby John. She also plays the role of Mom in Little World, and can be heard on LooLoo Kids.

Over the years, Jenny has completed over a thousand voiceover gigs, ranging from eLearning materials, to children's games and jingles. Notable clients include Mattel (Barbie), Crayola, UNICEF, MTV, Moonbug Entertainment, Penguin Random House Audio, National Geographic Kids for Tonies, and more.

Although Jenny performs an array of voiceover work, her favorite is singing songs for children in her "Little Jenny" voice. She has the innate ability to pick up melodies extremely quickly across multiple genres, and even remembers them years later! She is quick in the booth, and consistently records and delivers a large number of tracks year round.

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Agent - Youth & Young Adult Voice Over:

Stewart Talent NY

Bonnie Shumofsky Bloom


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