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Children’s eLearning & K-12 Narration Voice Overs

In recent years, eLearning, or electronic learning, has become increasingly popular as an effective tool for delivering educational content, and is now a staple in today's modern-day education. With children’s eLearning, students can now learn, share, and grow from anywhere in the world. Digital content allows kids to study at their own pace, repeat lessons, reduce commute time, and more. With the use of games, videos, and interactive activities, children can learn and retain new information in an enjoyable and exciting way.


However, shifting to digital doesn’t mean sacrificing the human touch, which is why it’s important to have a voice actor who knows kids to narrate children’s eLearning materials. It keep students engaged, which can help increase learning retention, motivation, and enhance the learning experience.


Child-Friendly Voice Overs for Kids eLearning Materials


Jenny W. Chan is a voice talent for children's media, committed to bringing kids eLearning materials to life. She records friendly, natural child and teen voice overs that kids, tweens, and teens love, while providing an educational experience.


Most importantly, Jenny adores kids, and her passion for teaching kids, doesn’t just stop at the mic. In addition to being a voice actor, she is also an avid babysitter in New York City, and is the to-go-to choice for many local parents. She also teaches arts & crafts to hundreds of children at large-scale mall events, and has a presence (and voice!) that kids naturally gravitate towards.

Bring Your Children's eLearning Materials to Life with a Fun, Kid-Friendly Voice Over

  • Native English speaker with a genuine, friendly voice for Children's eLearning and K-12 Narration

  • Recording boy, girl, tween, teen, young adult voice overs

  • Experienced voice actor professionally trained in Kids eLearning and K-12 Narration

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