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Award-Winning Voice Actor for Singing & Talking Toys


Talking & singing toys are crucial for childhood development, expanding vocabulary while inspiring hours of playtime fueled by imagination. If you're looking for a kid, teen, or young adult voice for a fun and energetic toy voice over, then you’ve come to the right place! In 2023, Jenny was awarded the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS) Award for Outstanding Toy Character - Best Voiceover, for voicing the National Geographic Kids: Horse Tonie. 


1,000+ Voiceover Projects for Children

If you’ve got kids, you probably already know Jenny’s voice well.

Very well.


Jenny is a kid-friendly voice actor who specializes in child voice overs. She entertains kids near and far with her natural teen voice from New York City, and is behind the mic of some of the most popular, highly subscribed kids edutainment YouTube channels on the planet, from Little Angel to LooLoo Kids and everything in between. She has recorded 1,000+ voice over and singing projects in the kids industry, including educational games, children’s media apps, jingles, animated musical series, sound books and animated audio books, talking & singing toys, kids & teens podcasts, and more.


Jenny has singing & talking toys specific training, and hundreds of hours of on-the-job recording experience in children’s media. Toy voice overs require clear articulation, nuanced pacing, and deliberate spacing and inflection of phrases. This is essential for children to understand what is being said coming out of tiny speakers—all of which she takes into consideration during her performances.


Jenny is a chameleon in the child voice overs industry. For young listeners, Jenny can perform conversational and believable child voice overs, and is able to bring out both the innocence and novel excitement of a child character with her youthful voice—as well as the encouraging, patient, and nurturing demeanor of a young adult character (think preschool teacher or young mother). For the tween and teen audience, she has an authentic teen voice that resonates especially well with young girls, female tweens, and teens. She recently recorded for UNICEF in their Skills4Girls campaign, encouraging young girls to learn to code. She also voiced for Mattel Barbie as a part of their Dream Gap Project, using her voice to inspire growth mindset in young girls, while bridging the gap between girls, boys, and their career aspirations. 


A Talking & Singing Toy is More Than Just a “Toy”

For a child, a toy (especially one that talks!) is so much more than just a “toy.” It’s their best friend and sidekick on life’s greatest adventures, and the toy voice over will echo in their minds for years to come. Whether it’s recording prompts, catch phrases, or reciting the alphabet letters, colors, and numbers, Jenny records cute and fun child voice overs that babies, toddlers, and young children love to hear. She effortlessly brings the voice over and songs for children’s toys to life with her upbeat personality. For singing toys, in particular, she has recorded hundreds of covers of classic nursery rhymes, and even more original tunes.

Bring Your Singing & Talking Toys to Life with a Fun, Kid-Friendly Voice Over

  • Native English speaker with precise, clear articulation for educational toys

  • Young voice talent for boy (gender-neutral), girl, tween, teen, young adult, voice overs

  • Experienced voice actor professionally trained in talking toys voice over and singing for children

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