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Online Kids Voiceover Coaching
  • Voice over audition coaching for kids
  • Script practice
  • Microphone technique & booth etiquette 
  • Voice over terminology 
  • Using software to record & edit
  • Singing & song recording
  • Home studio setup
Why sign up for kids voice over coaching?
  • Improves reading skills and comprehension. Reading scripts encourages creative interpretation and out-of-the-box thinking. Acting makes reading fun! When doing deep dive script analyses, note taking, highlighting, drawing pictures, and looking up vocabulary words, are highly encouraged in my teaching methods. All of these tools can carry over to other academic areas.
  • Increases awareness for the art of animation, game & app development, commercials, podcasts, and more. By doing and being aware of the work and thought that go into content creation, children grow a greater appreciation for the media that they consume on a daily basis. They learn patience, hard work, and dedication to the craft. Their mindset shifts to creator.
  • Builds self-confidence and encourages self-expression. Exploring characters in a safe environment encourages children to reflect on the feelings and thoughts of not only fictional characters, but also themselves.
  • Improves singing. Similar vocal warm-ups are used to keep the voice healthy. Vocal placement, rhythm, and melodies are used to match characters' tone and intention, all while telling a story, similar to a song. As a trained singer, I often transfer singing techniques to script reading. Moreover, recording voiceover and recording singing go hand-in-hand.
  • IT'S FUN! Whether your child wishes to pursue voice acting as a full-time career, or just wants to have some fun, it is during their youth that they have the unique time and opportunity to explore something new, and identify the areas where they thrive.
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