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Kids Voice Over Coaching

In addition to recording voice overs, Jenny also works with kids and parents to navigate the VO industry. She coaches young children in script analysis, voiceover auditions, mic technique, voice over & song recording, vocal booth etiquette, and more. 


For busy parents, she offers audition editing services, as well as home studio setup advice. She oversees live directed sessions, and is always on the lookout for audition opportunities for the young voice actors she works with.

  • Voice over audition coaching for kids

  • Script analysis

  • Microphone technique & booth etiquette 

  • Industry terminology 

  • Using software to record & edit

  • Singing & song recording

  • Home studio setup

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How to Get Your Child Into Voice Acting

To get your child started in voice acting, the first step is coaching! Children's interests change frequently, so the best way to gauge their interest is to give it a try. Voice over is competitive, so if it not something your child is passionate about, their chances of success becomes slim. 


Voice over coaching prepares children for real auditions and directed sessions through practice, so they know how to behave properly in the booth and deliver lines in a professional manner, thus increasing their chances of being booked or rehired. 

There are also many added bonuses to voice over coaching for kids, that are not just in the booth. Voice over coaching can help your child improve their reading skills and comprehension by reading scripts and encouraging creative interpretation and out-of-the-box thinking. It makes reading fun! I always encourage my students to jot down notes, highlight pages, draw pictures, and look up new words, skills which can carry over to other academic areas.

Voice over coaching for kids will also increase your child's awareness of the art of animation, game & app development, commercials, and more. By exploring the work that goes into content creation, children grow a greater appreciation for the media they consume, while learning patience, grit, and dedication to the craft. Their mindset shifts from consumer to creator


Additionally, voice over coaching for children builds self-confidence and encourages self-expression by exploring characters in a safe environment, allowing kids to reflect on their thoughts and feelings. For young singers, children may improve their singing performance. Voice over involves using various vocal placements, rhythms, and melodies to match characters' intention, all while telling a story, similar to a song.

Most importantly, voice over coaching for kids is FUN! Whether your child wants to pursue voice acting as a full-time career or just wants to have a good time, they have a unique opportunity during their youth to explore and identify the areas where they thrive. 

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