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Moonbug Entertainment Acquires Little Angel

Exciting news! In February 2022, Moonbug Entertainment, the owners of CoComelon, announced their acquisition of Little Angel. 💫 I've been recording the voiceover for Jill, Ms. Hannah, former Baby John, and other characters for almost 4 years–and am also the voice of Mom in Little World. I love my animated family sooo much, and am excited to see it grow! 🚀

Moonbug Entertainment has skyrocketed to become one of the biggest players in creating and distributing content for children. In November 2021, it was bought by Candle Media in a $2.7 billion sale. Their library includes favorites like CoComelon, Little Baby Bum, Blippi, and Gecko's Garage. Now, the innovative brand has acquired one of the most popular children’s YouTube networks on the platform, Little Angel and Little World. The Little Angel network has a combined subscriber rate of over 88 million and have enjoyed significant growth in recent years, with 1.5 billion views every month.

The driving success behind Little Angel is its continuous drive for creativity, plus high quality, educational, and relatable content. Since its launch, the channels have amassed over 500 unique animated episodes and 400 original songs! Additionally, the videos and songs are currently distributed in 19 languages, to ensure viewers are able to watch almost anywhere in the world.

The acquisition by Moonbug Entertainment will help to strengthen the Little Angel brand even further. The entertainment hub is already one of the biggest in the world, owning and producing a host of content designed for children, the largest being CoComelon. Their educational songs and nursery rhymes are a huge success, with the channel currently having 130 million subscribers and over 120 billion views on YouTube. Moreover, CoComelon ranked the third most popular show in 2020 on Netflix.

Moonbug Entertainment will be looking to enjoy similar success with Little Angel. When announcing the acquisition, the company confirmed that it would be investing in more content for the channel and working on expanding its distribution so it can reach even more children.

About Jenny W. Chan

Jenny W. Chan is a professionally trained voice actor and singer specializing in child, teen, tween, and young adult voice overs. She records animation, kids audio books, toys, games, songs, K-12 narration, and eLearning materials. Although she performs an array of voiceover work, her favorite is singing nursery rhymes for children in her "Little Jenny" voice. She is quick in the booth, and consistently records and delivers a large number of tracks year round.


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