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The Importance of Nursery Rhymes in Preschool Development

Do you remember what your favorite nursery rhymes were when you were young? Children have been singing these timeless songs for decades, but while they are a great way to have fun, they also play an important role in preschool development.

How nursery rhymes enhance development

Preschool development is a crucial part of growing up. These formative years give us the building blocks for our future, and nursery rhymes are a significant part of that. Packed with interjections and funny words, they help to develop a child’s phonemic awareness, alongside helping to improve their memory and articulation.

Regularly singing and listening to these songs can also improve a child’s creativity and imagination while also supporting their social development.

The modern nursery rhyme

While you may remember singing nursery rhymes with your parents and preschool teachers, YouTube is one of the leading sources for children today. With 118 million subscribers, CoComelon is one of the biggest channels in the world, and their animated videos have helped them to become the first channel to achieve one billion views in a single week. Although, CoComelon is only one of many channels capturing young ears today. Channels like Little Angel—where Jenny voices Jill, Ms. Hannah, and former baby John—Pink Fong, Little Baby Bum, and Super Simple Songs are all racking up millions of views from children across the world.

This is also changing the popularity of the nursery rhymes children are singing. While traditional favorites such as Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Humpty Dumpty, and Wheels On The Bus are still very popular, newer songs such as Baby Shark are quickly becoming some of the most listened to.

CoComelon's Wheels on the Bus

Little Angel's Camping Song

Pinkfong's Baby Shark

Looking for a voice-over for your nursery rhyme?

Nursery rhymes play an important role in preschool development, and platforms such as YouTube are helping to bring them to life with fun and animated clips. If you are looking for a professional voice actor to sing your nursery rhymes, get in touch and find out how I can help you!

About Jenny W. Chan

Jenny W. Chan is a professionally trained voice actor and singer specializing in child, teen, tween, and young adult voice over. She records animation, kids audio books, toys, games, songs, K-12 narration, and eLearning materials. Although she performs an array of voiceover work, her favorite is singing nursery rhymes for children in her "Little Jenny" voice. She is quick in the booth, and consistently records and delivers a large number of tracks year round.


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