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Why Jingles Are Still an Effective Marketing Tool

In this fast-paced digital world, can jingles really still be considered part of your marketing strategy? Well, the answer is yes, especially if you are offering products designed for young children. Although they might seem like a marketing tool from a bygone era, I guarantee that you can still remember some of the most popular jingles from when you were growing up.

When you read the phrase “bah-da-ba-ba-ba,” chances are you immediately just said “I’m lovin' it.” That McDonald’s jingle has become one of the most recognized across the globe and has made the company billions of dollars since it rolled out in 2003. And how many of you "don't wanna grow up" because you're a Toys "R" Us kid (and because being a kid is just more fun)?

How jingles can still help you today

Despite the number of people seeing television commercials declining and sources such as The Atlantic referring to jingles as “relics,” they can still form a vital part of your marketing campaign. The right jingle is a great way to immediately grab the listeners’ attention.

Alongside being more attention-grabbing, jingles are also far more memorable, ensuring that your brand creates a lasting impression on them. While its core aim is to increase recognition of your brand and services, the right jingle can also help to improve the mood of listeners’, helping to create a fun and light-hearted feeling every time they hear it. Plus, these ear worms have the potential to stick with them for a lifetime.

Cut through the noise with your next jingle!

There can be no denying that the right jingle can transform your marketing and keep your brand firmly in the mind of your target audience. Equally important is the singer behind the jingle. For children and teens, a cute, child-like voiceover may be the way to warm their hearts, especially in today’s fast-paced digital environment. With the rise of platforms like TikTok, where short jingle-like songs are celebrated and then shared thousands, if not millions of times, this is now more important than ever.

Many of us are bombarded with advertisements every day, from our social media feeds to the podcasts we listen to. A catchy jingle can cut through that noise and help ensure your brand is able to stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking for a professional voice actor with a Kids and Teens voice to sing your next jingle, get in touch today!

Jenny W. Chan sings the jingle for LIST WITH ELIZABETH

About Jenny W. Chan

Jenny W. Chan is a professionally trained voice actor and singer specializing in kids and teen voiceover, as well as young adult voiceover. She has recorded hundreds of jingles and songs for animation, kids audiobooks, toys, and games. She loves singing songs for children in her "Little Jenny" voice. She is quick in the booth, and consistently records and delivers a large number of tracks year-round. Jenny currently sings all the child vocals for the jingle for Incredible Pizza Company.


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